Holandaweed started in 2015 after seeing how difficult it was to buy weed online with the dream of bringing the herb and its products closer to weed lovers. Today known as the Cannabis marketplace of the Cannabis Industry, we play a leading role in online sale of marijuana, cannabis and cannabis products. Holandaweed is one of the main supporters of the European Cancer Institute. It operates as a business in order to support  our dream of making cannabis and cannabis products as accessible as possible so as to see the importance and power medical marijuana has to cancer patients, hence helping in the legalization of Marijuana in all Europe.

I believe in the Bob Marley Quote  “Live for yourself and you will live in vain; live for others, and you will live again. “ hence I do this for our customers. My main aim is not about selling products but have a good relationship with our customers. If you will like to Partner with me you can Contact Me as we are open to partners.

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